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Skylar Hansen!

Winner of the 2020 IntegraBuilt Catalyst Trade Scholarship!

IntegraBuilt Trade Scholarship

Thanks for submitting!

Application Due: May 31st

Award: $500

The IntegraBuilt Trade Scholarship is available to students who attend Newberg Catalyst High School or any schools within the Salem-Keizer School District, intend on pursuing a career in a skilled trade, and exhibit values synonymous with those of IntegraBuilt.

The application is a two-step process. After submitting, selected applicants must also participate in a short, remote interview with the founders of IntegraBuilt!

In a minimum of 500 words, please answer these prompts as best you can:

  1. Give a brief history of your life up to this point.

  2. Define integrity. What does it mean to you?

  3. Describe how work in the trades may bring value to your life and the lives of others.

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