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5 Tips for Deck Maintenance

Owning a wooden deck is often a labor of love, especially here in Oregon. Decks take the beating of family gatherings, spilled food, scuffs and scratches from continued foot traffic, and the pounding of persistent, Oregon rain - and maybe even the sun if you are lucky.

To protect your deck, here are a few tips from IntegraBuilt.

1. Let IntegraBuilt build it.

A shameless plug. If you are in the Willamette Valley, what better way to maintain a beautiful deck than to let us build you one to start with!

2. Sweep.

Like most things in life, consistency pays huge in the long run. Take a few minutes of sweeping each day to prevent dirt or leaves from staining the deck surface.

3. Seal your deck.

Sealing your deck will protect it from the rain and sun, in turn protecting it from swelling and shrinking respectively.

4. Shovel it off.

Don’t let snow sit. Remove it as soon as possible.

5. Apply oil-based stains.

Oil-based stains don’t peel like paint or solid stains which makes maintenance much simpler. Just re-stain once the first iteration has faded.

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