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Starting with Style

Decorating a home isn’t easy. Many bourgeoning decorators embarking on this sort of endeavor often encounter an issue with infinite possibility; there are so many options, between color schemes, decorations and finishes, it is hard to know where to start, or how to finish in a coherent manner that invokes the type of aesthetic feeling they were aiming for.


Luckily, there are ways around this.

You can start by defining your style. Are you looking for elegance, polished wood, antiques or imported rugs? Start with the formal style. What about a cozy feel, a relaxed vibe with soft colors and a geometric focus? Try looking into the casual style. Or maybe you like a bright, modern and bold look. Best look into the contemporary style. Perhaps the opposite of this might suit you better; the soft, darker tones of the comfortable traditional style. If none of these fit, try to expand into more niche areas like western, minimal or bohemian!

By starting with these larger themes, you can narrow down the rules for what works for your own home. It also may help to imagine what type of feeling you want others to experience when they walk into a room. Use these themes as a starting point, then pay close attention to why they invoke certain feelings. After that, it doesn't hurt to get creative and bend the themes to fit your own personal style.

Good luck!

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